Shared ownership is a great way to get onto the housing ladder if you can't afford the full purchase price of your home straight away.

With shared ownership you purchase an initial share of your home, between 25% and 75% of the property’s value and then pay a rent on the remaining share. It’s a simple and cost effective way of owning your own home.

Even better, because you are buying a share of the property the deposit you need to have saved is smaller too.

If you wish to in the future you can decide to buy further shares in your home in stages or all at once, this is called staircasing.


Purchase price £200,000

You purchase a 60% share = £120,000 funded through a combination of deposit and mortgage

You rent the remaining 40% share from us = £80,000 x 2.5% rent (varies) = £166.66 per month

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Speak to the sales team at the development you are interested in to find out if they have shared ownership properties available.

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