Autumn gardens can easily look neglected but with a little effort, you can tidy up your outdoor space in no time and plant some well-placed bulbs to ensure plenty of colour once spring gets underway.

Follow our top tips for making your outdoor space winter-ready.

Tidy up borders and pots

Dig out weeds and annuals but perennials – plants that flower year after year – just need cutting back. Aim to leave any plants and flowers covered in seed heads as these provide food for insects and birds, as well as looking magical when frosted! Pots can be emptied and cleaned while borders will benefit from a tidy and a layer of nourishing compost or bark chips.

Have an autumn clean

With the growing season at an end, you’re free to tidy up paths, terraces and balconies. Get rid of any plant debris before washing surfaces with a hot solution of garden disinfectant to help prevent pests and fungal infection. Now is also a good time to clean and sharpen garden tools, and carry out any maintenance work on fencing for example.

Prepare your lawn

Remove thatch and moss from your lawn using a spring-tined rake to allow it to breathe and grow more freely. Applying autumn lawn feed will also prepare your lawn for the cold winter months. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, this is a great time of year to lay new turf too, as it will have plenty of time to establish before next summer.

Plant spring-flowering bulbs

From snowdrops and tulips to crocuses and daffodils, planting bulbs now will add vibrant clusters of springtime colour to your outdoor space. They all like well-fertilised, free-draining soil, with a little compost added for good measure. As a general rule, plant bulbs two to three times their own depth – with their top facing upwards – and around two bulb widths apart.

Be kind to wildlife

Allowing shrubs and trees to remain overgrown at this time of year will provide a welcome home for wildlife such as birds, insects and hedgehogs. Put out hanging feeders for birds and replace damp food, topping up on a daily basis. Rope the kids into creating a ‘bug hotel’ by piling logs up to create a warm, dark and cosy shelter for creepy crawlies.

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