Scottish Housing Day - Climate Emergency - road to net carbon zero. 

Places for People’s Developments Operations Director, Jon Cook, said: “As a placemaker, our commitment is to continue to develop high-quality and sustainable homes that meet people’s evolving needs.

“As part of our People First approach, our team continually listens to our customers to understand their expectations around homes and communities. During the past six months, we have been reviewing our house type portfolio and are in the process of designing a new range of homes and specification which reflects their requirements – with the aim to provide plenty of natural light, storage throughout the home, indoor and outdoor space to live in and flexible spaces to suit modern day living.

“Whilst designing this new range of house types, we are also ensuring that they meet the standards required leading up to Future Homes Standard 2025 and moving towards a zero carbon home. Our team, along with independent specialist consultants, will ensure that our blueprint of house types is designed to allow flexibility and that our homes will be adaptable to meet the standards by introducing new innovative technology throughout the range.” 

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