Children from Bletchingdon Primary School will be enjoying a variety of new activities including music lessons, art classes and outdoor lessons, thanks to the help from a local developer who has supported their fundraising to build a much-needed outdoor classroom.

Bletchingdon Primary School has been granted £500 by Places for People, allowing them to enhance the children’s learning experiences by improving their outdoor space. The school has also received a range of donations including a Covid grant via the Parish Council and also money from fundraising activities from the children and PTA.

This vital outdoor space will provide a special support area to the classroom and is planned to be utilised by the teachers to provide both academic and creative lessons which will enhance confidence and wellbeing for the children – with a focus on children’s mental health and wellbeing by providing a quite space to reflect, talk about issues or worries which is particularly crucial following the pandemic.

Bletchingdon Primary School

Places for People’s Sales and Marketing Director, Jacqui Egan, said: “We are delighted to donate money and support this very worthwhile project and play our part in helping the school raise funds to provide this vital outdoor classroom. It has been an extremely difficult year for everyone – especially children - and this outdoor facility offers the chance to enjoy being outside, fostering a love of the great outdoors, exercise and a vital quiet space to reflect.

“At Places for People, one of our main aims is putting People First and supporting the communities where we deliver homes, and as this school is located close by to our Duchy Field development we wanted to give them a helping hand to get the project completed.”

Caroline Walker, Headteacher at Bletchingdon CE(A) Parochial Primary School, said: “We are a small school of 100 pupils and the provision of this building will have such a huge impact on the children’s lives and therefore the wider community families. 

“Thank you for your generous donation towards our new learning space. The space will provide a multipurpose area where we can take children who may need extra support either educationally or emotionally - particularly important in these difficult times. The new space will provide the school with the flexibility to provide extra provision to really benefit the children, helping to give them the future they deserve.”

Duchy Field, Bletchingdon

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