If you’re stuck for ideas on how to occupy the kids during the holidays, here are our top suggestions for stepping up the family fun. 


1. Visit a nearby attraction

From funfairs and theme parks to museums and zoos, there are plenty of local attractions to suit a range of tastes and budgets. Just researching where to go (and what you’ll do once you’re there) can be a fun task in itself.

2. Head to the countryside 

You’re never very far from a park or green open spaces, especially in a ZeroC home. Enjoy taking in the natural surroundings on foot or by bike – you could even make a stop for a family picnic. 

3. Go swimming 

Who doesn’t love a good splash around? Check out the pool at your local leisure centre or – if you’re lucky enough to live near the coast – spend a day at the beach. Waterparks have now re-opened as well.

4. Have fun outdoors…

When the sun shines, it’s time to make hay! If you have a private garden – like the ones that come with a ZeroC home –  why not create a family glamping retreat and spend the night under the stars? 

5. Or in!

There’s plenty of fun to be had on rainy days too. Stage a bake-off, plan an indoor treasure hunt or involve the kids in a creative re-arrange/tidy-up of their rooms! You could catch a matinee at your local cinema too. 

6. Share the love

Inviting friends and family over is a great way to break the routine and with ZeroC, you’ll have all the indoor and outdoor space you need. Why not arrange a games day or even get the kids to make up/stage a play? 

7. Start the back-to-school shopping  

It might sound like the last thing you want to do but really there’s no better time – there’ll be no queues or stock shortages and you can make a day of it, buying lunch and a few treats while you’re there. 

8. Explore a nearby city

Take a day trip or spend the night if you can and build the excitement by involving the kids in planning your itinerary. Our ZeroC developments are all within easy reach of major towns and cities. 
Indoors or out, from coast to countryside and a host of urban delights in between, there’s no shortage of ways to amuse the kids this summer. And with ZeroC, our spacious, well-designed homes located near to great amenities and green open spaces are the perfect place to make happy family memories.



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