Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re an existing homeowner looking for somewhere new, don’t let the darker, chillier days put you off searching for the home of your dreams. If anything, the autumn season is actually a great time to make your move.

Here are seven reasons why…

1. Be settled for Christmas and/or the new year

When you reserve your ZeroC home in the autumn – you could be all moved in ready for the festive period and/or for the start of a brand-new year. You could also benefit from seasonal offers such as flooring and furnishing packages to ‘deck the halls’ of your new home.

2. Moderate weather

While we know there are no guarantees when it comes to the weather, you can usually count on the autumn months being fairly moderate i.e., not overly hot and not too cold. Nobody wants to move in the middle of a heatwave or when we’re going through a freezing spell!

3. A choice of removal slots

Removal companies tend to have more availability in the autumn, making it a great time to plan your move. With the ‘stamp duty savings’ moving frenzy having calmed, making your move now means you should have more slots to choose from. You might be able to grab a bargain too!

 4. The season for selling

Got a place to sell? There’s no better time to set the stage for a potential house buyer than autumn. By preparing a cosy interior with warm pops of colour, autumn fragrances and a stunning seasonal arrangement of fir cones and berries, you’re creating a home to fall in love with…

5. Back to school

Autumn is also when the kids go back to school so tidy away the toys and book those viewings while you have the chance! Our well-connected communities benefit from great road and rail links, making it easy to pay us a visit while we help you to find your dream home.

6. No garden duties

The great thing about a ZeroC home is that it comes with its own private garden, terrace or balcony but when you move during autumn – the dormant season – you don’t need to worry about garden duties. Until the spring, you can focus entirely on settling into your new home.

7. A time for renewal

The autumn season can be a great time to shake off the old and embrace the new – including where you choose to call home. Whether it’s more room you’re after or a place that’s better suited for your needs, our brand-new homes offer all the space, comfort and flexible living you could want.

Why not take a closer look? All our homes are located in friendly, cosy communities, with a wealth of handy amenities close by, not to mention attractive parks and green spaces, which – by the way – look amazing at this time of year…

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