Over the past month, we have been running a design a bedroom competition for kids aged 11 and under. As the competition comes to an end, we have been so excited by the designs that have come through.

We are pleased to announce that Holly Hayden, aged 9, has been crowned winner with an ‘under the sea’ themed bedroom design. The room has a giant turtle beanbag, a sand floor with bubble lamps and balloons which are like bubbles, jellyfish hanging from the ceiling, a treasure chest and a magical under the sea bed.

According to mum Kirsty, “Holly wants to be an interior designer when she grows up. She spends hours building and designing houses, so when I told her about the competition she jumped at it!”

This winning creation will be used as inspiration to create a sea-themed children’s bedroom in our Woolmer Copse showhome at Bordon where Holly and her family will be there to formally open the new home.

Whilst the winner was always going to receive £250 worth of Amazon vouchers, we felt that the effort and quality that went into the designs needed rewarding. All entries, therefore, received a £10 book token as a thank you for their ideas and hard work.


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