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About the buyers

John and Margaret Shears have loved Poundbury for many years. Having previously lived in Dorchester for ten years, they decided to move to Ferndown to ease John’s commute to Romsey. Now retired, the couple were keen to get back to their much-loved town.

Having owned several new builds before, John and Margaret didn’t have any reservations about reserving their stunning new home, located at the gateway of Poundbury. “We’ve had about three different new builds because we always feel like you get the most up-to-date specifications – it’s like buying a modern car!”

About the home

When asked how their new home compared to others they had previously owned, John and Margaret couldn’t have been more positive: “It’s better than any other. We have been very impressed with the insulation, the quality of the fittings that have been used and what really did us is the garages.”

Coningsby Place has a wide variety of homes, including apartments and 2 – 4 bedroom houses. Having a very clear idea of what they did and didn’t want, John and Margaret were thrilled to find a house that had a large double garage and no garden – they had bigger things to worry about!

About the area

Whilst the Shears have a car, they have quickly seen how easy it is to get around the area of Poundbury and Dorchester. “It’s a good stepping off point for different places. You could do well without a car quite easily, which we’ve proved. We just pop into the town of Dorchester using our bus passes – we don’t have to park or anything and the busses are so good (the number 6 and number 10) and we’re even going to take the Jurassic one.”

The strict architecture rules ensure that the town will remain consistent in style without the threat of “ugly extensions” which was a key point for the Shears. “We liked that nothing can change structurally. There’s no risk of cutting down trees and building townhouses which was a big selling point for here.”

The easy transport in and out of Poundbury has been a dream for John and Margaret, but they also love the variety of walks available. “Even when the weather is bad there’s loads of great walks around - all the different lanes!” Plus points also include the number of different restaurants that are dotted around the area, as well as their local ‘corner shop’. “We call Waitrose the corner shop. It’s so handy to just nip to it - 10 minutes and we’re there!”

Buying with ZeroC

To secure the home of their dreams, John and Margaret used Moving Made Easy (MME), a trusted partner that helped them sell their home as quickly as possible to prevent losing the property they had their heart set on. “We did pay a bit extra, obviously, but we didn’t have the worry or need to chase for the home we loved. Once you decide you want somewhere – that’s it!”

Communication can be a hit and miss subject when buying a home and that’s an area where ZeroC exceed, wanting their buyers to feel involved throughout the entire process. “Janet was marvellous with us which has been good. She’s been just like a friend and we could phone up about different things. It’s the constant contact – if you’re put in the picture all the time, then you’re not going to worry about ‘shall we do this or do that’ so everything just went through very well.” 

When asked about their concerns regarding buying with ZeroC, John and Margaret were quick to tell us that they didn’t have any. Like with any house move, there were always going to be few teething problems but the site and sales response to rectify has been quick. “We are happy, we really love the house and we love where we live.”