Susan and her partner Jim moved to Chapelton during Summer 2019.  They both sold their individual properties to buy their first house together and are absolutely loving their new home!

What attracted you to Chapelton and specifically ZeroC?

We started looking when Chapelton first began, but unfortunately there was nothing available in our price range.  We went to lots of other developments while Jim and I sold our individual properties.  We had been in Newtonhill one day and thought we’d just pop up for a look.  We were looking for a 3-bedroom house and the sales adviser, Sally showed us “The Ardler”, which we loved. Sally then told us about the house type “The Fiddes”, which is just like “The Ardler” with that extra bit of living space we really wanted. “The Fiddes” ended up being the first home we purchased together.

What are your favourite things about your property?

I love my open plan kitchen, dining and living room to the rear of the house. Our wood burning stove is fabulous and the sun tunnels upstairs are such a unique feature, we love them!

How was your experience with purchasing your home?

Our experience was great.  I think the best thing about it was when we decided which house we wanted to buy, we didn’t have much time between reserving and moving in, so it went quickly, which was fantastic.

How long were you looking/where did you hear about Chapelton and ZeroC?

We had both been keen on Chapelton from its first beginning, but like I said, there wasn’t anything size-wise to suit us.  Once we saw it progressing, I think it really caught our attention again.

Any tips for moving home?

Go with the flow!

Favourite aspect of Chapelton so far?

We love every aspect of Chapelton! We honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

Have you met your neighbours, and do you feel there’s a good sense of community?

We’ve met most of our neighbours since moving in, as we’ve been invited to so many things – gin tasting, a community organised street BBQ’s and a Halloween party.  Everyone is so friendly, and you bump into people all the time which is lovely, it’s such a welcoming place!  We also see lots of people we know in the local shops Teacake and Slate & Grain, which we love.  The Farmers’ Markets are great to have so close to home, too.


From all of us at Chapelton, we wish Susan and Jim a lifetime of happiness in their new ZeroC home.

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