Ever felt that the reality of home ownership is a long way off, or that you’ll never gain the opportunity to move up the property ladder to a larger property? Well, Help to Buy might be the solution to your housing dreams.

Available across our ZeroC homes, it is the government-led scheme that helps people to purchase a brand new home with a much smaller deposit than when you normally buy a house. This is because with Help to Buy you only need a 5% deposit and the government gives you 20% as an equity loan. This is great news because it means that your mortgage is only 75%, which means that you will then have access to a wider range of lenders and mortgage providers.

Would I qualify?

You’ll be encouraged to hear that almost anyone is eligible for Help to Buy – so whether you are a first-time buyer or if you already own a home but are looking for more space or to relocate, you might be eligible for a 20% loan from the government on a house with a value of no more than £600,000.

There are other terms that are considered, including:

  • That you don't own another property aside from the one you're selling
  • You're a UK resident
  • That you meet the affordability criteria

Will I own my home in the future?

Another great feature of this option is that like any other mortgage you may take out, your goal remains that you will pay off your mortgage and in the future own 100% of your home.

Most of our Zero C developments offer Help to Buy and we can answer questions you may have. If you are looking at home ownership, please do get in touch with our sales teams on 01305 250427 as they are more than happy to talk you through what your options are in more detail. Feel free to look at our homes in locations across the UK from Aberdeenshire to Plymouth here.

Or you can visit the Government's handy website which provides lots of information for you to consider on which home ownership scheme might be the best fit for you.


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