Discover Monaveen House

About the buyers

Robert and Patricia had been living in Iwerne Minster for the last five years, enjoying the village life and space that their four bedroom home offered. Laughing about the fact that they were both getting older, the couple agreed that it was time to downsize. They were fed up with the many stairs and the constant maintenance of the gutters and garden that a house requires.

Having never had a taste for Poundbury, Robert and Patricia were surprised when their friends said that they should have a look, insisting that the town would suit them. Taking to Rightmove, they found Monaveen House and were keen to book an appointment, falling in love as soon as they viewed their apartment. “You pretty much know as soon as you walk in and we felt it. There were concrete floors and dust everywhere but we saw the windows and just knew that we could live here.”

About the home

The apartments at Monaveen House are traditional, yet modern and Robert and Patricia loved the springline style windows and the size of the two bedrooms.  With two bedrooms, an ensuite, a regular bathroom and an open plan kitchen diner and living room, they certainly won’t be short of space, despite the downsize.

Whilst speaking with Robert and Patricia, a delivery arrived, and the pair mentioned how ideal it was that there was secure entry to the building, meaning it was very safe and not just anyone could stop by. That and the underground parking and the lift to the second floor, they were very pleased with the additional perks to their home.

About the buying process

To secure their new home, Robert and Patricia decided to buy with Part Exchange, ensuring quick movement throughout the buying journey. From first viewing to move in day, the whole process took just nine weeks.

Whilst not wanting to miss out on their brand new apartment, they also didn’t want to risk losing out on the stamp duty holiday which ends in March. The lack of stress was also a big element in choosing Part Exchange. “We didn’t want to lose this place and we also didn’t want the hassle of trying to sell. Yes we could have sold it, but we might have had to wait six months and then we’d have lost this place.”

Having witnessed friends struggle and get extremely stressed over a long chain, these two did not want to relive a similar experience. Admitting that Part Exchange cost them a little bit more money, they said that you couldn’t put a price on satisfaction and zero stress.

Thanks to ZeroC’s partnership with The Senior Move Partnership, Robert and Patricia were also able to downsize with very little stress. They helped sell items the couple no longer needed, as well as removing furniture such as large settees and cupboards that they would have struggled to get rid of themselves. “They were a very good service and very friendly. They arranged everything for us and saved us a lot of stress.”

About the area

Having only been in Poundbury for a few weeks, the pair were enjoying exploring the local area, having discovered The Buttermarket, the Great Field, and even eyeing up a new hairdressers for Patricia.

Keen to maintain community living, they can enjoy local shopping with the Waitrose just a stone’s throw away, ideal for Patricia’s daily paper. “We’ve got all the facilities we could need. There’s a postbox and Waitrose has stamps if we need to write anyone and send our Christmas cards. We thought if we moved we wouldn’t get any of it again, but everything we need is right there.”

About ZeroC

When discussing the buying process with ZeroC, Patricia and Robert could not have been more complimentary. Having found us on Rightmove, they were really impressed by the fit and the finish of the builds.

The homes aside, it was the people that made it for Robert and Patricia. “In the marketing suite you had Jacqui, Samantha and David and the three of them are amazing. Nothing has been too much trouble for them and we’ve got to say that those three really are the A team.”