As we retreat temporarily into our homes, enjoying life's simple pleasures couldn't be more important.

We’ve put together a list of five tips to try and make this period a little less disconcerting, and hopefully help you stay happy both mentally and physically.

Keep up regular contact

Not being out and about in your usual social circles or being able to see family and friends can have a huge effect on your mental health. Try and keep in regular contact via telephone and video chat. Having a daily chat with a loved one can do wonders for lifting your spirits. Why not incorporate your usual social visits into a group video chat? Cook your meals for the same time, do a workout with a friend or get a ‘pub quiz’ going, all from the comfort of your home.  

Stay active at home 

We’re lucky to live in a world of technology where we can access millions of health and training sites online. The likes of Joe Wickes, Davina and Chris Hemsworth are offering free training plans to keep you active. There are also plenty of workout inspired videos on YouTube, from yoga to Pilates, and HIT sessions to strength training that don’t require any equipment. If you want to up it a bit but you don’t have dumbbells, using tins in the cupboard is a great way to incorporate some light resistance.

Have a good clear-out

Most of us have been guilty for hoarding things that we’ll never use but we’ve been reluctant to throw away. Why not take the opportunity to declutter? Freeing up space can make rooms in your home feel both bigger and brighter. It’s always a nice opportunity to go down memory lane too. Bag your unwanted items up and save them for the charity shop.

Keep your mind active

Staying mentally active is also very important. Keep those cogs whirring with daily quizzes, crosswords or puzzles – trying to increase your performance day by day can also become satisfyingly addictive. Quizwise provides a new quiz to conquer daily and it’s free to take part. Or perhaps you can learn a new skill that you’ve never had time for until now? There are plenty of online courses, from becoming a social media guru to learning a new language. You could even try to learn a new craft such as knitting or teach yourself to cook!

Eat well and stay hydrated

Speaking of learning to cook, the right food has an incredible ability to boost our mood. Eating right becomes increasingly important when you are out of your usual routine or less active than you usually would be. Maintaining a diet with a range of healthy fats, fruit and vegetables will keep your blood sugar levels stable and that will help you avoid dips in energy. For meal inspiration, you can find a range of recipes at BBC Good Food.

Although this is a challenging time, mindful changes in how you spend your days can help keep your spirits up. If you find you are struggling, there are a range of support services available, you can find useful information on these via both Mind and GOV UK.

Your local council may also have services available or contacts of local charities and organisations that can help. Make sure you reach out.

Our Sales Offices and Showhomes are now closed until further notice or Government updates. However our sales advisors are available on email and by phone for further information or a chat. If you would like more information on ZeroC, our sales team would be happy to help over the telephone. Contact us.


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