A report by Garden Organic and Sustain showed that gardening could help reduce stress and improve mood, with a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety. With so much time on our hands, there’s never been a better time to get green-fingered. Whether you’re in a house or a flat, here are some of our favourite growing tips.  

  • Whether you’re using pots inside or outside the house, most seeds need a little help to begin with. Plant them in ice cream cones or empty eggshells as a biodegradable seed starter until they’re ready to be transferred to a bigger pot.

  • Did you know you can grow spring onions over night? All you need is a plastic egg carton and some green onions to start. Cut little holes into the top of the carton and place the ends (white bits) of your onions head first. Add water and they should regrow over night! Each time you can slice the green bits off and keep reusing.

  • Are any of your plants looking a bit sad? If you’ve got some old rusty nails then add these to water in a bottle and shake hard before watering your plants. The iron in rust promotes oxygen and will do wonders for your plants.

  • Milk gone bad? Calcium acts as a natural fertiliser so is perfect to mix with some soil before adding to your plants!

  • Obsessed with avocado? Grow your own! Take the seed and insert three toothpicks so that it will sit on a glass of water with the seed slightly submerged. Leave for 6-8 weeks before transferring to soil.

  • Having a problem with slugs and snails? Using crushed eggshell deters these little slimies because of its abrasive feel against their soft bodies. The eggs will also provide calcium and nutrients for your soil!

  • Did you know you can slice up your tomatoes, lay them on a bed of soil, and cover with more soil and water? They’ll eventually produce brand new tomato plants.

  • Ever received a beautiful bouquet of roses but wish they’d last longer? Take one stem, dip into honey and poke into a potato before planting in soil and cutting off the flowers. The honey stimulates roots and the potato fertilises, meaning you’ll have your own rose bush before long.


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