Shared Ownership has become a popular choice for people looking to buy a property in England by allowing individuals, couples and families to purchase a share of their new home. Earlier this year, the National Housing Federation (NHF) launched its campaign to boost the public’s understanding of shared ownership and here at ZeroC we are helping to spread the message.

But what does this mean and is it a good option for you?

For many people up and down the country, it’s not always possible to afford the full purchase price of your new home. But the government has introduced a great scheme which allows people to purchase between 25% and 75% of a property’s value, meaning that you then pay rent on the remaining share.

Importantly, because you are buying a share of the property, the deposit amount needed will be smaller, making this option much more affordable for people whilst giving the flexibility to buy further shares in the future.

How does the share and rent work together, and will I be able to afford it?

Imagine that the house that you want to buy is £200,000 – if you purchase a 60% share this will be £120,000 which will be funded through a combination of your deposit and a mortgage.

You would then rent the remaining 40% share from us which totals £80,000 x 2.5%

rent (varies) which would equal £166.66 a month.

What property can I buy?

As with any other house purchase, this will vary depending on your circumstances and income. We’d certainly suggest that you have a chat with an Independent Financial Advisor who will be able to carry out a financial assessment and undertake an important affordability calculator which will indicate the share you and your family can afford to buy. This will also be passed to the most appropriate lender, to ensure that you are also able to secure a mortgage for your house.

What else must I consider?

Because you will also have a shared ownership lease, this will include a number of rights and responsibilities such as being responsible for the maintenance and repairs on your home as well as paying your rent, service charges and your mortgage payments.

How we can help

Most of our Zero C developments offer Shared Ownership properties and we can answer questions you may have. If you are looking at home ownership, please do get in touch with our sales teams as they are more than happy to talk you through what your options are in more detail. Feel free to look at our homes in locations across the UK here.

Or you can visit the Government's handy website which provides lots of information for you to consider on which home ownership scheme might be the best fit for you.

Whilst our friends at the NHF have a handy quiz too help you find out more too – please visit

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